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Dr Nayan Soni


  • Addiction Medicine
  • General Adult Psychiatry
  • Neurostimulation

Dr Nayan Soni is a holistic Consultant Psychiatrist in private practice at Robina Private Hospital.

After developing his health science background from Physiotherapy, Dr Soni completed his medical degree at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. Dr Soni’s curiosity of human expression provided the ideal foundation for psychiatric specialisation.

Since 2011, Dr Soni has trained and worked in a variety of medical and psychiatric settings across Australia. He aims to inspire hope and a growth-mindset in patients and their dear ones to achieve optimal recovery and quality of life.

Dr Soni’s special interests are perinatal psychiatry that includes the family’s mental health, neuro-stimulation, and integrative health and wellness to consolidate recovery and prevent relapse.

He is presently completing further training in Addiction Psychiatry, and is involved in teaching and research.

To arrange an appointment or referral with Dr Soni, please contact Robina Private Hospital’s Admission and Assessment team by phoning 1800 707 581.

Phone: 1800 707 581