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Day Therapy Admissions

We offer a range of therapeutic programs to support patients. Our day patient programs can be used as an alternative to admission, or as part of a relapse prevent plan to support discharge from hospital.

Day Patient Admissions

How do I get admitted?

Ask your Doctor or Specialist to refer you to Robina Private Hospital.

Referral must be to a Psychiatrist with admission rights to the hospital.

Find a Specialist

Please access our specialties to view the programs we currently offer.

Costs and Insurance Cover

Our Administration staff will contact you for a health fund check.

If you have an excess or co-payment with your health insurance, you will be required to pay at the time of admission for the first session.

Self-funded patients will be required to for the complete program cost at the time of admission for the first session.

For further assistance, please phone 07 5665 5100.

Additional information:

What do I bring to hospital?

Please bring the following items with you to hospital:

  • Any medications that I may need to take during the course of the group program session.
  • Medicare and private health insurance cards.
  • Pen and a notebook.
  • Best to wear casual comfortable clothing.
  • If your group program has an exercise component please ensure you have appropriate footwear.

Our day programs staff will advise you of any other requirements, prior to your attendance.

On Arrival

On the day of admission for attendance at the day program please ensure you arrive at the hospital 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the session.

On arrival, please register at Reception so our Administration staff can confirm your personal details complete your admission forms.

Free parking is available onsite for patients attending our day programs.

You will be required to see your treating Psychiatrist at regular intervals during your attendance for the duration of the day program.

You may receive a self-assessment questionnaire to provide our Group Therapists with some additional information about your history and condition, to assist with the care we provide to you.

What to Expect in Group Therapy

Group therapy, which is frequently overlooked as a therapeutic option, presents as a setting in which individuals are able to interact with a trained Therapist or Psychologist, with other people experiencing similar targeted problems.

Group therapy can be used in treatment of a variety of disorders ranging from anxiety to trauma and grief. As a less expensive option, group therapy may be used as an alternative to individual therapy, or as a supplemental treatment.

In the group setting, individuals are able to share experiences and receive feedback from the group. For this reason, group therapy offers a unique sense of support and accountability that individual therapy might not be able to. Therapists leading group therapy sessions can use a variety of methods stemming from humanistic, cognitive behavioural, and/or psychoanalytic approaches.

Within the group therapy setting, you will try to replace your old behaviour with newer, more productive ways. Interaction and discussion within the group is encouraged, and you will also undertake specific activities to address your fears and concerns.

Mental Health Benefits

One of the biggest advantages of group therapy is helping you realise that you are not alone. That others have similar problems or concerns.

Group therapy can help you develop new skills, to relate to others. The dynamics of a group often mirror those of society in general, and learning how to interact with other group members can help with your relationships outside the group.

Group members who have the same problems can support you. They may offer suggestions to dealing with a particular problem that you may not have considered.

Your Meals

If you attend a full day program. the hospital will provide you morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea prepared in our onsite hospital kitchen.

If you attend a half day or evening program, morning tea, lunch or afternoon team will be served and according to the group duration.

Should you have special dietary requirements please advise our day programs staff.

Patient Feedback

We value your feedback at Robina Private Hospital. Whether you want to pass on a compliment or provide feedback to help improve our service, we encourage you to:

  • Speak with your Group Therapist
  • Ask to speak with the Robina Private Hospital Group Therapy Program Manager
  • Complete our post-discharge Patient Experience Survey (this will be emailed to you)

For more information, refer to Your Rights.


At the completion of each session you will be discharged from hospital.

Your Therapist may provide recommendations to your treating Psychiatrist about other programs that may be beneficial to support your recovery at the completion of the program.

Getting Home

Special arrangements can be made for DVA patients to get you home safely after attending your program.


If you are struggling to cope, contact your treating Psychiatrist or call our Admissions and Assessment team on 1800 707 581 to discuss help appropriate to you. If it is an emergency or you feel unsafe, call 000 or present to your nearest Emergency Department.