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Robotic-Assisted Rehabilitation

Highly intensive, highly focused and motivating robotic-assisted rehabilitation for neurological patients in upper and lower extremity therapy. Robina Private Hospital is proud to be the only hospital on the Gold Coast to purchase the cutting-edge robotics equipment.

Following a successful trial, Robina Private has invested in a range of robotic and computer-assisted therapy devices. Our hospital, led by director of rehabilitation Dr Jom Jiao, and allied health team have worked collaboratively to successfully introduce robotic therapy into our traditional rehabilitation programs, helping patients reach their rehabilitation goals faster.


The highly anticipated, evidenced-based robotic-assisted therapy supplements conventional rehabilitation therapy by increasing the number of repetitions during rehab, for positive patient gains.

Whether Stroke, spinal cord injury, Parkinsons or Multiple Sclerosis; our sensory robotic rehabilitation devices can be applied with a variety of symptoms to improve and enhance recovery.

Intensity, dose and motivation are the three components of robotic-assisted therapy - three components which are required to be able to achieve the best possible therapeutic results within the shortest time, in a goal-orientated and motivated manner.

Robotic-assisted rehabilitation helps therapists and patients to do the right things at the right time, regardless of location, indication and phase of rehabilitation.

Robotic-assisted rehabilitation program

Robotic-assisted rehabilitation is used in conjunction with traditional rehabilitation therapies and integrated into existing inpatient and day therapy programs at Robina Private Hospital.

What does robotic-assisted therapy mean for my rehabilitation?

Robotic-assisted therapy broadens the daily therapeutic routine of rehabilitation by training more intensively. It allows you to build on the foundations of traditional rehabilitation, develop ambition, achieve your goals and enjoy therapy.

How to access the program

Contact our rehab team on 07 5665 5100 or email: [email protected]
to find out if our robotic-assisted rehab program may be of benefit to you.

You can also ask your General Practitioner or Specialist to refer you to our robotic-assisted rehabilitation program. Referrals can be emailed to: [email protected]

The new robotics equipment will be available to inpatients, day patients and outpatients, with those who are uninsured able to access a package of sessions, tailored to their individual needs.

Robotic-assisted rehabilitation is also available to patients under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and other funding schemes.