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Treatment for eating disorders: knowing your options

There are a number of different types of eating disorder treatments, as well as different health professionals you can talk to about them.

Accessing treatment for an eating disorder can be challenging; for the person experiencing the eating disorder their thoughts often oscillate between the minimisation of how awful their tormented struggle is and worrying that they are not sick enough to receive the important care required for recovery.

The Robina Private Hospital Eating Disorder Service philosophy is built on the foundation that recovery is possible and that during the patient journey, various levels of care are needed.

Inpatient treatment

Our inpatient eating disorder 10 bed ward and therapeutic program is designed to support those who maybe feeling ambivalent, with treatment focusing on reconnection, curiosity, compassion, safety and renourishment.

Outpatient treatment

Our outpatient day program provides a step down (from hospital) or step up (from community based services) option focusing on how to be hopeful and take action against your eating disorder, build your coping skills and refocus on your life. The outpatient day program also includes a social eating component each week, guided and supported by our Dietitian and program facilitators.

Day therapy treatment

We also have a compassion focused cognitive behavioural outpatient day program for those struggling with binge eating disorder. Regardless of your eating disorder diagnosis we have the passionate, skilled and committed staff to assist you in your recovery journey. I would encourage you to take a look at our eating disorders page of the website and begin to heal.

Written by:
Dr Kim Hurst

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Dr Kim Hurst

Psychologist, Robina Private Hospital

Dr Kim Hurst (PhD, B.Arts Psych, Grad.Dip Psych, B.Soc.Sci Honours) is a Senior Psychologist who specialises in child and adolescent and young adult eating disorders. Dr Hurst has developed and is the Clinical Lead in Robina Private Hospital’s Eating Disorders Day Program for Adolescents and Young Adults.