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Rehabilitation Programs

We deliver comprehensive rehabilitation programs to improve patient outcomes and functional independence.

These programs are designed to work on the skills you need to maintain functional independence and stay well, and include:

Neurological rehabilitation program

Our neurological program includes individually tailored treatment of various conditions such as Functions Neurological Disorder, Stroke, Parkinson's Disease, TIA, Neuropathy, Spinal Cord Injury, MS and other issues which effect the brain or nervous system.

At Robina Private Hospital, our Specialists and team of therapists are highly experienced in this area, and have the equipment, facilities, and skills to help you or your loved one regain the best possible physical and psychological function.

In addition, Robina Private Hospital run the only specifically designed, multidisciplinary inpatient treatment program on the Gold Coast for people diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder.

Parkinson's Boot Camp day therapy program

Our Parkinson’s program offers assessment, therapy and education tailored to the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease through exercise. This program aims to re-train your brain’s ability to generate these bigger, faster movements and more easily complete your daily activities.