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New Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) day program offering at Robina Private Hospital

Due to an increasing demand for mental health group therapy support, Robina Private is pleased to announce the launch of the hospital's first stream of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) program.

Commencing Wednesday 21 April, 2021, the new acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) program will cater for patients recovering from mental illnesses such as anxiety, bipolar disorder or depression.

The program is based on the principle of accepting what is out of the participant’s personal control while committing to action to enrich their life and make it more meaningful.

Robina Private Hospital CEO, Kenny Craig explains that after a referral by their general practitioner, program participants will learn a range of skills and techniques surrounding acceptance to support their journey to recovery.

"The six-week program aims for individuals to learn to handle painful thoughts and feelings in such a way to have less impact and influence (mindfulness skills), and to clarify what is truly important and meaningful (clarity values)."

"It teaches participants to use this knowledge to guide, inspire and motivate themselves to set goals and take action that enriches their life," says Kenny.

In the group setting, individuals are able to share experiences and receive feedback from the group. For this reason, group therapy offers a unique sense of support and accountability that individual therapy might not be able to.

The open group is held on a Wednesday, every six weeks from 9:00am - 2:30pm.

Key learnings:

- Psychological flexibility
- Learning how to be present
- Knowing what matters
- Doing what it takes
- Increased awareness
- Being in the here and now
- Mindfulness
- Understanding values
- Committed action
- Building motivation
- Doing what matters

Participants are admitted as a day patient with costs covered by their private health fund. We ask that patients confirm any applicable out-of-pocket excess or gap costs directly with Robina Private Hospital.

People interested in attending Robina Private's new ACT Program are required to have obtained a referral to a psychiatrist with admission rights to Robina Private Hospital.

For more information regarding this program, please contact Robina Day Therapy Programs reception by phoning 5665 5100.